Zahra Mackaoui

Amr Khaled

The Anti-Bin Laden

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Amr Khaled is the most famous Islamic televangelist today. His yearly shows, broadcast during the month of Ramadan, and his regular sermons attract millions of followers around the world. When he speaks at public events, whether they are in Yemen, USA, or his UK base Birmingham, this modern day preacher gets mobbed by adoring fans.

For Muslim youth around the world, Amr Khaled has become a role model. His smooth words calling for moderation and co-existence, combined with his sharp suited look and his ability to move easily between the Arab world and the West, mean he is the man of the moment. For the West, Amr Khaled provides relief from the increasing number of angry traditional preachers who continue to reject the West.

Filmed over the course of a year, this feature documentary follows Amr Khaled as he tours the Middle East and Europe & North America, examining whether his message of moderation can have any lasting impact as the discourse on Islam gets increasingly hijacked by extremism.